Procrastination, Our Worst Nightmare!

Procrastination! sighzzz...The one thing everyone has fallen victim to. We oftentimes procrastinate because of laziness, we believe we function better under pressure, as a result we opt to start the task very close to or even on the deadline. The more extreme reasons for procrastination are: we fear failure, some people even fear success (they... Continue Reading →

Overcoming Your Fear of the Unknown

You're at an amusement park and you're wondering whether or not you should go on a 100ft tall ride which swings you over a wave pool with waves reaching a height of 9ft. You immediately start panicking and thinking, "What will happen when I go on it? Could the ride attendants experience difficulty with the... Continue Reading →

Your Mindset is Important

Most persons will be thinking, "What If I lived in a world where just the mere thought of a goal brings it to reality." Haha! I know I'm thinking this; it would be so AMAZING. However, this is not the case, sadly. I want to assure you that you can achieve your goals; its not... Continue Reading →

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